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Home Gym M300 (Body Craft) (Outlet only in store)

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The purchase of Outlet products is made exclusively by the stores to which they refer, and it is a condition that the buyer examines them himself before purchasing them.

* This fitness machine is offered at a premium price because it is store exhibition sample. Its function is excellent. You can see and test it exclusively in Kozani store.
Important: Buying Outlet products made exclusively from stores to which they refer, and it is required the buyers to examine himself before their purchase.

The Best Seller in its category.

•    A fine combination of strength, durability and variety of all the basic exercises.
•    Adjustable back seat for full chest, shoulder and back workouts.
•    Smooth motion to avoid injuries.
•    Airplane cables for smooth motion and durability.
•    With an adjustable cable system for hands, chest, shoulder and back workout.
•    Including all the grips for pulley, biceps, triceps, abdominals, glutes, inner and outer thighs.
•    With adjustable seat.
•    Including 90kgr plates.
•    Dimensions: (LXWXH) 161 (with the rowing stand 180)X98 X 210cm.

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