Warning ACCEPT

Magneslife 10x25ml (Nutrend)

  • Magnesium Ampoules
  • Quick Absorption
  • During and after training

Minimum quantity for "Magneslife 10x25ml (Nutrend)" is 10.

This mineral belongs among the most important mineral substances necessary for life that cannot be produced by the body itself. Therefore we are entirely dependent on magnesium intake from food.

Its deficiency causes neuro-muscular and muscle spasms. Among others magnesium supports bone metabolism, protects from sedimentation of excess calcium into soft tissue (heart, kidneys, vessel walls), stimulates antibody formation and increases immunity.

The addition of water-soluble vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), which must be continuously supplied from food sources, supports the magnesium passing through the cell membrane into the cell interior, which helps to regulate the amount of magnesium in cells.

The basic dose – 1 drinkable phial during the day, preferably before bedtime.

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