Massage Ball (X-Fit)

  • Effective massage tool
  • Better circulation
  • Release the pain in difficult body areas


The aim of the ball is to change the pattern of stagnant blood flow so that fresh blood can circulate the area again. To properly use your Massage Ball, place the ball against the painful spot. Depending on the area and depending on how much pressure you can withstand, you can use a variety of surfaces.

  • Entire ball is made of EVA.
  • The two poles(black color) are made of PP
  • Dia: 12cm



Πολύ δυνατό εργαλείο άμα ξέρεις να το δουλεύεις. Δυστυχώς κανω μόνη μου στην πλάτη με την βοήθεια του τοίχου και όπως είπα αμα ξερεις τι κάνεις είναι φοβερό. Λιγο youtube θα βοηθήσει όποιον δεν έχει ιδεα.
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