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Micellar Casein 900g (Nutrend)

  • 92% micellar casein / 77% protein
  • 7000 mg BCAA per serving
  • probiotic and prebiotic mixture LactoWise™ additive
  • high natural calcium content
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The unique protein that stands out thanks to its quality micellar casein content. Also, longer absorbency makes this product usable not only at night but also during diet as a meal replacement.
High natural calcium content that is important for the strength of bones and helps with hyperacidity is a huge benefit. The product is enriched with mixture of probiotic and prebiotic - LactoWise®.

Intended for: strength training athletes with quality protein intake requirement at night, muscle mass growth, reduction diet or ketogenic diet.


1 scoop before bedtime


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