Multi Vitamin 60 tabs (Warriorlab)

  • 29 main ingredients
  • Supports immune system
  • Supports protein metabolism
  • Supports rapid recovery
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An athlete, in order to reach his maximum potential and performance, beyond the right training and nutrition, needs a lot more. The right and rich nutrition plays indeed a vital part in it, but our daily nutrition alone doesn’t offer all the proper nutrients. At least in the quantity and quality a hard training athlete seeks for.

It is a fact that the modern food production, with the way this happens, eliminates almost all the vitamins, so the moderate human doesn’t take the necessary vitamins in order to the body to make all the proper functions. Even worse when this human trains hard, needs more and more vitamins and mineral. Training is a tiring thing and forces the body to break down many of its vitamins in order to have energy. So there is immediate need for a nutritional supplement that will cover all the lost vitamins.

WARRIORLAB’s MULTI VITAMIN in every single serving contains all the variety of vitamins and minerals that are needed for an athlete or a human that leads an active way of life. Every biological function needs vitamins to fulfill its purpose. From the immune system to the proteins and carbohydrates metabolism and from the bone health to the skin and face health.

WARRIORLAB’s MULTI VITAMIN is the perfect choice for covering all athlete’s needs in vitamins and minerals, in order to lift the mood, the energy and performance.

1-2 tablets depending on your daily needs.

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