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Muscle Meal Mass 2170g (Sci-MX)

Muscle Meal Mass 2170g (Sci-MX)
  • Complete protein meal for muscle mass
  • High dose of bcaa, glutamine & peptides
  • Enriched with high dose of vitamins and minerals
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*This product is not for those who are not working out or have started working out recently.

Delivers a balanced high protein, high carb and high calorie muscle gain meal to support a mass gain eating and training programme. Complete nutrient support in an easy to mix and great tasting shake.

COMPLETE MUSCLE MEAL: Nutritionally rich and balanced shake to be used in conjunction with a muscle gain training and eating plan.
MASS GAIN PROTEIN TO CARB RATIO: 48g protein, 92g carbohydrates and 597 calories per serving contribute to mass gain.
9-HOUR MUSCLE SUPPORT: Fast, medium and slow release proteins continually deliver amino acids to muscle for up to 9 hours.
METABOLIC SUPPORT: Optimum levels of magnesium, calcium and iron contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
COMBATS WORKOUT FATIGUE: 50% RDA of vitamin B6 and B12 help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Vitamin C, zinc and copper contribute to the maintenance of a normal immune function.

Chocolate Flavour

1 serving (155g) in 450-500ml water twice a day.

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