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Muscle Transform 168caps (Stacker2)

Muscle Transform 168caps (Stacker2)
Packing 168 caps
Rating 4.7

  • Contains D-aspartic acid, Ecdysterone, Magnesium etc
  • Muscle strength
  • Faster recovery
  • Hormonal balance
Availability Available

This product  is not for those who are not working out or have started working out recently.

Stacker2 s Muscle Transform is the newest designer testosterone booster for both beginning and advanced bodybuilders. Innovation and results are top priority at Stacker2, as once again evidenced by the introduction of Muscle Transform.

Stacker2 s research department was given the task of making a muscle enhancer that doesn’t resemble any competitor products, with tribulus terrestris being the main ingredient every time. Muscle Transform contains only scientifically proven ingredients that also have synergistic effects. And more importantly: These ingredients are also correctly dosed, in the right quantity at which they are active and effective on your muscles in order to transform them into nicer, stronger, rock-hard, pumped-up muscles like those you see in competitive bodybuilders.
Muscle Transform drastically increases both the (free) testosterone level as well as the growth hormone level (HGH hormone)! When trying to increase your muscle strength it is essential for the testosterone level to be increased and the cortisol level to remain low. Cortisol stands for stress and therefore muscle break-down, something which you absolutely don’t want. Muscle Transform also suppresses the female (fattening) hormone estrogen.

Muscle Transform ingredients list

  • D-aspartic acid
  • After creatine, this is probably one of the most extensively researched ingredients worldwide.
  • D-aspartic acid is capable of increasing natural testosterone levels by more than 40%.
  • 3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran – Urtica dioica extract
Decreases SHBG, hence increasing free testosterone. SHBG is a component that binds to testosterone, hence making it unusable for muscle growth. Decreasing SHBG is very effective and useful for you as a strength athlete. A second property has been recently discovered: This extract increases the sensitivity of the body’s insulin receptors, thereby increasing vascularity, which improves the absorption of nutrients and increases muscle pump.

Ecdysterone and Royal Jelly
Ecdysterone combined with Royal Jelly extract has a multi-faceted effect. Ecdysterone stimulates the growth of muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing body fat. Ecdysterone also improves endurance by increasing glycogen storage and stimulating hemoglobin production. Hemoglobin is a protein contained in the blood in the red blood cells hemoglobin is responsible for oxygen transport.
Mixed with some more herbs and vitamins, that will also support testosterone boost and muscular strength and development as well, Muscle Transform starts a new era of specialized supplements and under the name of Stacker 2 we can see its future success.
Genuine Stacker2 products only at X-TREME STORES

After customer complaints that there have also been unauthentic STACKER2 products sold from unauthorized retailers, products of unknown origin and quality, we would like to make the following statement.

We offer for sale only genuine STACKER2 products which we import from the official distributor. We want the customer to be informed and aware in order to not be taken advantaged from retails that are supposed to sell STACKER2 products in very low prices.

X-TREME STORES sells the genuine STACKER2 products as well as distributing them to certain independent stores. We suggest the customer, before buying a STACKER2 product from any store to contact us and verify that the store is one that we supply and has genuine STACKER2 products in stock.

Take 4 capsules of Muscle Transform before breakfast and 4 capsules just before sleeping (to achieve maximum results). You will feel effect after 7-10 days. Please use this product at least 6 weeks in a row to experience the maximum effect.


To sugkekrimeno proion kanei oti uposxete , kai genikotera , h stacker den apogoitevei pote , ego to eniosa meta apo 4 - 5 meres apisteuta polu , kai genika oso pernane oi meres toso pio drastiko ginete , parte to afova paidia akshzei ta leuta tou.

Ειχα παρει το συμπληρωμα αυτα πριν 4 χρονια και σκεφτομαι να το παρω και φετος. Ακολουθησα πιστα τις δοσολογιες σε συνδιασμο με σωστη διατροφη. Μετα την πρωτη βδομαδα, τα ειδα ολα. Πρηξιματα,αυξηση δυναμης,γρηγοροτερη αποθεραπεια και απειρη ενεργεια. Απο τα καλυτερα νομιμα σκευασματα. Να σημειωσω εδω οτι με αδειο στομαχι ειναι καλυτερα,ειδικα πριν τον υπνο,εκει γινεται η δουλεια.

το προιον το εβαλα για να βελτιωσω την αποκατασταση αποθεραπεια καθως και λογω ηλικιας(40) η κουραση στο κολυμβητηριο ηταν αφορητη.Μετα την πρωτη εβδομαδα ειχα πολύ καλυτερη αποκατασταση και εβγαζα ποιο δυνατες προπονήσεις.Να σημιωσω πως πριν το συμπλήρωμα οσο και μετα,ο υπνος μου και η διατροφή ηταν σωστες.Θα το ξαναπαρω σε κανα μηνα παλι

Den me epiase poly. To Testo 4HD e;inai kalytero

Τρελό συμπλήρωμα, θέλει σωστή διατροφή και καλύτερα άδειο στομάχι όταν λαμβάνεται.
Κάνει όντως δουλειά, απλώς 8 χάπια την μέρα.
Έκανα φουλ κύκλο με 3 κουτιά, και είδα διαφορά από την αρχή.

Δύναμη και αποθεραπεία...ότι καλύτερο..

αξιζει τελικα..?βοηθαει στη μειωση λιπους..γραμμωση..?

Παιδια καποιος που το εχει δοκιμασει, μπορει να μου πει τι διαφορες ειδε, πχ. δυναμη, μυικη αναπτηξη? και αν οταν τελειωσεις τον κυκλο του χρειαζεται κανονικα καποια θεραποια?

συνδιαζεται καλα με κρεατινη;

εχω παρει 2 κουτια εχω δει πολυ δυναμη και το 6 pack βγενει κοματια φετος ευχαριστω πολυ

Όχι, ευχαριστώ

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