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Natural Whey 1500g (Stacker2)

  • 100% Whey Protein
  • No artificial Flavors
  • High in bcaa & glutamine


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100% Natural Whey is 100% composed of natural ingredients (so it contains no artificial aromas, no artificial colourings, no artificial sweeteners and no artificial E numbers). This product contains only the very best that nature has to offer. High-quality whey, fantastically flavoured – a true revolution!

How did we put this product together in a 100% natural way?

Protein source: we use only high-quality whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. We do not use (artificial) free amino acids.
Taste and colour: only the best extracts of fruit, vanilla, cocoa and leaves are used. Good selection and correct dosage guarantee excellent taste.
Sweetness: our product only contains Stevia as a sweetener (extract from Stevia rebaudiana). We do not mix the Stevia with sugar or other carbohydrates.


1 scoops (30g) in 250ml water twice daily.

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