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Passionate about the craft baker Frank Vandewalle began in 1984, his first independent bakery. Later he specialized further in the food industry and started various projects. He was among more co-founder and shareholder of Aveno NV and he left his mark on brands such Delizio, Oilio, Max Gold and Yasmin, he supervised projects for Unilever, AOR, Abel & Schaefer and Wouters Bakery products.

With his vision and passion for the bakers craft and respect for tradition combined with advanced production methods and the most innovative ingredients began Frank Vandewalle in 2012 with the creation of "clean label" food products with a high content of protein and P38 Protein Foods was launched.

P38 Protein Foods produces "clean label" natural nutritious protein enriched foods for weight control, athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and people who enjoy an active lifestyle. P38 products provide your body with the ideal fuel and building blocks for both muscle growth, fat loss and muscle recovery. In addition, the P38 products are super easy to use, 100% natural, free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, refined sugars and colorings and can be consumed by young and old, male or female, athlete or non-athlete. Whatever your goal is, the P38 natural nutritious protein products will help you in achieving your goal.

The P38 innovative natural nutritious protein enriched products were developed by Frank Vandewalle and tested by athletes and bodybuilders. The tests show that the P38 products provide the perfect base for a top performance.

The unique P38 protein blend of high quality proteins from pea protein isolate [pisum sativum], rich in arginine and lysine, microalgae protein [chlorella protothecoïdes], rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, whey protein concentrates,  ultra-filtrated whey isolate and micellar casein combines excellent taste, flavors and texture with an amino acid score (AAS) equal to one.

The combination of our P38 protein blend creates an optimal mix of high-quality sources of protein, insoluble fibers, healthy lipids, essential amino acids and micronutrients, combined with qualitative carbohydrates.

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