Pilates Arm Chair (Alpha Pilates)

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Up to 24 Instalments
Up to 24 Instalments
  • Made of birch wood
  • Suitable for strengthening the upper body
  • 1 pair of leather wood handles
  • 4 springs of different stepped resistances
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The Pilates Arm Chair was designed by Joseph Pilates and is the appropriate Pilates equipment for strengthening the upper body. It improves the stabilization of the scapula and corrects the posture of the body.


The Pilates Arm Chair by Alpha Pilates Systems is made of birch wood. The cushions of the chair are made of high-density EVA foam material to provide comfort and anatomical support during exercises.


– Pilates Arm Chair
– 1 pair of leather wood handles
- 2 long & 2 short springs of different stepped resistances


ALPHA PILATES SYSTEMS guarantees that all fitness equipment meets high quality manufacturing standards and provides:

– Lifetime warranty for stainless steel parts.
– 5 years warranty for the wooden construction
– 2 years warranty for the parts made of aluminum.
– 1 year warranty for springs, belts, ropes, pulleys and wheels

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