Order Information

1. E-shop entrance

In order to put an order in www.xtr.gr first you should subscribe in our e-shop by filling some necessary fields in the additional subscribe form. These fields are Full Name/Address/ City/Territory/Postal code/Telephone number/email. Also you must choose a username and a password.

For not being identified your personal data, you have the opportunity to change your password and your email address as frequently as you wish. The only one who has free and absolute access to your data is you with your personal password and you are the only responsible for keeping them secret. In case of loosing them you should inform our company, otherwise X-TREME STORES’s e-shop cannot guarantee the use of a not authorized person.

2. Shopping

X-TREME STORES S.A. and the crew make every possible effort in order the customer to receive high quality service. Although this happens, we cannot ensure the possibility of a mistake in prices or some products details or an accidental black out of our site. In order to ensure the absolute safety and effectiveness of your shopping, and if you notice a human mistake in a price and before you proceed to your order, we urge you to call us in the Customer Service dpt in 2106620921-2 or with an email.

Completing your order you will receive an email in which you will be able to have all the details.

3. Ways of payment

1. Payment via credit card: X-TREME STORES’s e-shop accepts all cards from Visa and MasterCard.

2. Payment with delivery via courier: You can pay the man from the courier company when your order is delivered.

3. You can take and pay your order in an X-TREME STORES next to you.

4. Put your order in our e-shop and receive your order from the next day in one of our stores.

5. Payment in a bank in our bank account.

IBAN: GR7501101400000014047045761
IBAN: GR2001403610361002320001027
IBAN: GR4702600310000340200232847
IBAN: GR9401720280005028020513420

Please call us at 210 6620921 -22 or e-mail us at [email protected] once you have transfered the money to inform us of doing so.

Payment with installment: You can buy products with an installment with your credit card.

4. Cost of delivery

Receive your order: In any of our stores ((http://www.xtr.gr/katasthmata)... the store you wish in the order box or send us email in [email protected]

Delivery: Maximum in 1-3 days.

Cost of delivery: 0

A) With courier (Delivery Time: 3-5 working days)
Your order with max weight 12kgr can be delivered with courier in all areas of Greece and you can pay as soon as it is delivered. Specially for nutritional supplements and the light accessories, the cost of delivery is free since the order exceeds the 30€. In different case the cost of delivery depends on the weight and you can see bellow in full details:

WEIGHT Regardless of destination inside Greece

1 -5 5,00€
6 6,00€
7 7,00€
8 8,00€
9 9,00€
10 10,00€

*During the delivery process you can be informed about the place your order is by putting your tracking number you received in your email.

B) With our trucks (Delivery Time: 4-8 working days)
For training machines and in cities where there is an X-TREME STORES, the delivery can be done with on of our trucks in 4-8 working days, after a telephone contact with the supervisor of the store. You can pay with the delivery of your order via cash on delivery or with your Credit Card via Mobile POS. The cost is free for orders over 100€ otherwise the cost is 20€.

C) Loading agents (Delivery Time: 3-5 working days)
For training machines and in territories where there is no X-TREME STORES the delivery (no matter the weight) of the products can be done by the trucks of a loading agent. First the product should be paid with the ways of payment that you can see above. The cost of the deliverance is exclusively of the loading agent. Below you can see some prices of deliverance:

*The price is for receiving your product from the loading agent office. For deliverance straight to your place the extra cost depends on the territory.


X-TREME STORES S.A gives you the opportunity to cancel your order in the below cases:

1. Before the end of the order procedure you can press “back” button and cancel all the products from your shopping cart by pressing the “cancel” button.

2. If the order procedure is done but it is not delivered yet you can call in 21066020921-2 or contact via email,. One of our cooperator will cancel your order.

3. After the deliverance of your order you can call in 2106620921-2 or contact us via email explaining the reason you want to cancel your order and one of our cooperators will answer and transfer your wish.

4. In case your order has been already gone and you still wish to cancel it you should get in touch with Client Service dpt in 2106620921-2 and give your order data.

6. Return-Replace the products

You have the right to return back your products and to ask for replacement or take your money back until 10 days after the day you receive them. We can take back the products since they are in the same condition, since they are not open or damaged.

In any case a return can be accepted if you contact at the same or the next day with the e-shop or in the 2106620921-2 and in case you wish to replace it with another product until 20 days .

7. Delay of deliverance

Your order could be delivered in delay after some reasons:

Extreme weather or working strikes can be effect the time of deliverance.

In case that the telephone or internet contact is impossible or your data are not correct.