Polar H9

Up to 3 Instalments
Up to 3 Instalments
  • Ideal for those who workout often
  • Multiple connection options
  • Compatible with various GPS watches
  • Extended battery life
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For all your everyday sports

When you're looking for a reliable high quality heart rate chest strap, Polar H9 fulfills all your needs and more. Bluetooth and ANT+ technologies open up endless connection possibilities to any app or device you want to use.

All you need to do is get connected & get going.

Works with apps, sports watches, bike computers and gym equipment

Polar H9 is an ideal jack-of-all-trades heart rate sensor that connects to a large variety of devices. Thanks to Bluetooth, ANT+ and 5 kHz technologies, it's possible to connect to multiple devices at the same time.

Train with Polar Beat or other fitness apps

Polar Beat is one example of the multitude of fitness and training apps that you can connect your Polar H9 heart rate monitor with. Just choose the one that best fits your needs and turn your phone into a fitness tracker easily.

High quality heart rate tracking for all your everyday sports

From gym to indoor cycling via jogging and group exercise, Polar H9 tracks your heart rate together with your chosen app or device.
Classic chest strap measurement

Polar H9 comes with the Polar Soft Strap for classic and reliable heart rate measurement. Polar H9 reacts instantly to what happens in your body and gives you accurate calorie burn.


Polar H9 is compatible with top fitness apps, sports and smart watches, gym equipment and many other Bluetooth and ANT+ devices. Polar H9 can be connected to Bluetooth and ANT+ devices simultaneously. Double-check compatibility with your favorite app.
Battery life

With a battery life of 400 hours, one battery lasts about a year when you train one hour per day.
High quality heart rate

Thanks to the chest strap, the heart rate sensor is placed close to the heart, which is ideal for getting accurate heart rate readings.
Accurate calories

Reliable and high quality heart rate measurement gives you accurate calorie burn.
Works with Polar Club

If your gym uses the Polar Club group heart rate system, you can use your Polar H9 to display your heart rate on the screen.


iOS mobile devices: iPhone 5s and later, with iOS 12 or later; Android mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capability and Android 6.0 or later. See more information HERE.
Battery life

400 hours with BLE, ANT+ and 5 kHz transmission active
Battery type

CR 2025
Connector size

34x65x10 mm

Connector 21 g (0.74 oz), strap 39 g (1.38 oz)

Connector: ABS, ABS + GF, PC, Stainless steel. Strap: 38% Polyamide, 29% Polyurethane, 20% Elastane, 13% Polyester
Water resistance

30 m (Suitable for swimming)
Operating temperature

-10 °C to +50 °C / 14 °F to 122 °F



Μέγεθος:  65-93 cm


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