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Heart Rate monitor POLAR M400 HR

Καρδιοσυχνόμετρο POLAR M400
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  • Track pace, distance and altitude with the built-in GPS
  • Follow your 24/7 activity, calories and steps
  • Plan, sync and share your training with Polar Flow mobile app and web service
  • Set targets to beat your personal best
  • Find your way back home with Back to Start
  • Train at the right intensity within your personal heart rate zones (requires H7 heart rate sensor)


Flow web service

    Create sport profiles and tailored views for each sport you do.
    Create detailed training targets, like interval workouts, and sync them to your device.
    Gain deeper insight and learn from what you do, analyse every detail of your training in Polar Flow.

Flow mobile app

    Get a quick visual overview of your training and analyse your achievements.
    Stay motivated with feedback that’s delivered straight to you immediately after exercise.
    Easy sync with Bluetooth Smart.


In the box

  • Polar M400 with heart rate
  • M400 training computer
  • Polar H7 heart rate sensor
  • USB cable
  • Polar M400 Getting Started Guide


  • Polar M400 without heart rate
  • M400 training computer
  • USB cable
  • Polar M400 Getting Started Guide



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