Homegym X-FIT Strength

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  • Very sturdy construction
  • Compact design, suitable for smaller spaces
  • Ergonomically adjustable seat
  • Functional and flexible homegym

Home fitness is a reality and X-FIT, the largest company designing, manufacturing and selling home fitness equipment in Greece, presents its new home multi-gym. The new X-FIT STRENGTH allows you to train your whole body safely, comfortably and efficiently. With 67.5 kg integrated, it gives you the opportunity to gradually increase the resistance, as your strength will increase, while with the double ropes you will be able to activate the muscles of the whole body in a complete exercise program.

A big advantage of the new X-FIT STRENGTH is the durable covers that cover the weights but at the same time increase the level of safety, especially in places where there are small children.

In addition to the classic multi-gym exercises, such as the exercises on the pulley for the back, arms and shoulders, the leg and chest exercises, there is a complete functional cushion to effectively train the biceps of your arms.

Finally, the handles for the chest exercises are adjusted so that depending on the position of the hands, they exercise different angles and with different intensity the upper part of the body.

The new X-FIT STRENGTH is sturdy, fully functional and of high aesthetics to fit into any home space, making exercise a real pleasure.


Once, for a Lifetime.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 165 x 107 x 216 cm

  • Net weight: 120kg  

  • Total weight of slabs (12 pcs): 67.5 kg
  • 5 level seat positions
  • 2 level adjustable arm pad
  • Multi functional design

Πολύ καλό πολυμηχάνημα για το σπίτι, κάνω ασκήσεις για όλο το σώμα και με βοηθάει στο πρόγραμμα μου
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