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Pro Amino Fusion 200 tabs (Sci-MX)

Pro Amino Fusion 200 tabs (Sci-MX)
Packing 200 tabs
Rating 5

  • Complete amino formula
  • Full spectre of essential aminos
  • In tablets for time released absorption
  • Enriched with vitamin B6 for better absorption
Availability Temporarily unavailable

Amino acids are the chemical units, or ‘building blocks’ that make up human muscle tissue and are essential for building muscle size and strength. AMINO FUSION™ is a premium, high potency amino acid complex, formulated to supply an ideal quantity and ratio of both free form and branched chain amino acids. Also included is vitamin B6 and niacin for enhanced amino acid metabolism.


5 tabs before training and 5 tabs after.

τα πιο δυνατά αμινοξεα ολο το προφιλ της αγορας..ριξτε μια ματια στα συστατικα