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Probiotic 60 caps (Tested Nutrition)

  • Probiotics formula
  • Supports healthy gut bacterial
  • Improves other supplements absorption
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What is it?

Tested Probiotics is a complete probiotic formula, that comes in an easy to use powder that can be mixed in water, juice or your favorite beverage.

What’s in it?

Tested Prebiotic provides your body with prebiotic fiber in form of the proprietary ingredient NutraFlora FOS, which contains fructo-oligosaccharides that will nourish the healthy bacteria in your gut. Plus it contains cranberry extract and ginger.

What should I feel?

Support activity and growth of your healthy intestinal bacteria with the help of prebiotic fiber A healthy gut flora is critical for your overall health, a healthy digestion, and an optimum immune function, and may even aid in weight loss. Many people use probiotics to support growth and reproduction of their "healthy" intestinal bacteria.

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