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Professional Massive Gainer 2800g (Quamtrax)

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  • Mass Gain formula
  • Low Fat, High Protein
  • 5 different sources of carbs
  • Enriched with creatine and vitamins

The only low-fat and very high protein from the free amino acids added that boost and optimize the ingredients of your formula.

With 5 different sources of carbohydrates, including Vitargo.
Unique with more than 50% protein of which more than 24% comes from the addition of free amino acids, such as Glutamine, Arginine, BCAAs, Aca. D-Aspartic, Taurine, HMB, etc.
It is the ideal product for all those who are looking for a lower carbohydrate Gainer and with the added value of effective ingredients for recovery and gain of muscle mass.


Mix 60g (1 scoop) in 350ml of water.

Take 2 scoops per day (=120g). One between meals and the other one after training.

απλά τα σπάει , από τις καλύτερες πρωτεΐνες που έχω δοκιμάσει , 2,5 κιλά μυϊκού όγκο σε 2 εβδομάδες με καλή γυμναστική πάντα και γεύση καλύτερη από κανονικό κακάο
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