Protein Dinkel Pasta 500g (Body Attack)

  • Low-carb diet pasta
  • 10gr of carbs in 100gr
  • Only 369 kcal in 100gr


Limited items

The pastas of Body Attack not only taste delicious, but have a high protein content of 65 to 100 grams.
The product is suitable for all people who pay attention to a healthy diet and take very less carbohydrates. People who are on a diet can easily cover the protein requirements with these pastas, as well as eat healthy and tasty food. Those, who do a lot of exercise, especially weight training, and want to eat sensibly, can include this Body Attack Low Carb Pasta often in their diet with a good conscience. This is especially true when one loves to eat pasta and pays attention to the carbohydrates.


Give 50 g of pasta in 1 litre of boiling water, add some salt, cooking time approx. 8-10 minutes, you have to agitate.


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