Salt & Electrolytes 60 chewing tabs (Saltolyte)

  • Chewable electrolyte tablets
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • It works quickly & instantly
  • It is absorbed quickly
  • Pleasant taste
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For athletes to use during heavy physical exertion with high sweat loss, e.g. B. Triathlon, cycling, running, tennis, football, trail running, fitness, inline skating, beach volleyball, badminton, squash, etc.
The chewable tablets are purely vegetarian, do not contain any doping agents, are without colorings and are free of lactose, gluten and genetic engineering.

Heavy sweating due to extreme muscle work leads to the flushing out of salt and minerals (electrolytes). This can affect the maintenance of physical performance, the functionality of the muscles and regeneration.
The chewable tablets with a high salt and mineral content help to keep the salt and electrolyte levels in the right balance. The premium mineral formula corresponds to the composition of the excreted electrolytes in the human body's sweat and ensures rapid bioavailability of all electrolytes involved in muscle functionality: sodium (salt), potassium, magnesium and calcium.


2 chewing tabs every 30-40min during training and up to 50 tabs daily.

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