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Seated Biceps Curl (X-FIT)

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Υοu can do biceps curls sitting with a pair of dumbbells, but in the X-FIT special machine the intensity and efficiency in biceps is not comparable. The independent movement of each handle can imitate the free weights, with the difference that the movement is done 100% with strict style, without the tension falling on the shoulders, waist or back, as is often done in the free weights. Posture is ideal, as it does not allow us to move the torso, thus reducing the tension in the biceps. With its sturdiness and thoughtful ergonomics, the X-FIT biceps sit machine can not be missing from any professional gym.

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 1480 x 1600mm
  • Total weight: 152kg
  • Weight Stack: 54kg

Frame color: Silver
Seat color: Black
The color of the product may slightly vary from the photo.

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