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Protein Soy Nuts 7x 30g (Bariatrix)

Protein Soy Nuts 7 x 30g (Bariatrix)
Packing 7x30g
  • Ready-to-eat snack
  • High protein
  • Low fat and sugars
  • Great flavor
Availability Available

What is it?
Modern human, either an athlete or not, keeps on seeking for new options, in order to fill his diet plan and at the same time to improve his overall health, well being and physical performance. This is a simple meaning for Functional Foods, a topic that is highly spread across the West World.

What is it contained from?
Bariatrix’s Functional series contains snacks and foods that can be consumed straightly or can fill all the other meals of the day. Either are drinks, low sugar and calories delicatessen or delightful snacks, they can be a great option for busy humans who desire to taste and live well.

How can it be used?
Most of Bariatrix’s products are ready for consuming or demand very little time to be prepared.

Why should I choose BARIATRIX?
Bariatrix’s products are designed under the eyes of its nutritionists experts and chefs , making products way better in both taste and quality than the other ones of mass markets. They are made with low or zero fat and sugars, containing no gluten and are based on organic base. Therefore it’s the perfect choice for people who wish to drop or maintain their body weight without any lack of taste and meal choices.

1 sachet = 30g

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