Speeding Bike Mountain (X-FIT)

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Free Shipping
2 years warranty
2 years warranty
Up to 6 Instalments
Up to 6 Instalments
  • A real Mountain bike sense
  • Heavy, durable construction
  • A wide range of resistance level
  • High quality design

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Live a unique training experience at your home with the Mountain speeding bike. The X-Fit Mountain gives you the feeling of a mountain bike (outdoor bike) and you can exercise whenever and however you want from the comfort of your home.

The drive is transmitted, as in road bikes, with a chain. The pedals are designed to hold your feet, so you don't lose your pace.

Adaptive to all conditions fast and easy

If you want you can sit in the comfortable saddle, otherwise, for even greater intensity, you may stand up or bend over holding the specially designed handlebar. The wide range of resistance allows you to move with almost zero resistance as if you were moving downhill to the highest possible resistance as if you were climbing to the top of a mountain. And all this in the safety and comfort of your home!

Power and flexibility

The bases in the lower sector keep it stable, which means that no matter how intense the training is, it always feels like having control of the balance. On its front, under the tray, are the small wheels for transport. Weighing only 35 kg, you can move it quickly and easily everywhere!

Display indications

The display panel has the basic indications of speed, distance, time and calories.


  • Seat Adjustable horizontally & vertically for more comfortable exercise
  • Resistance Adjustable
  • Wheels For easy & comfortable movement
  • Bottle holder With bottle
  • Handlebar Adjustable
  • Disc Weight 15kg
  • Display indications Speed, distance, exercise duration, calories
  • Maximum user weight100kg
  • Machine weight35kg
  • DimensionsL: 137cm x W: 50cm x H: 110cm
πολυ καλο για τα λεφτα του. με εσωσε μεσα στην καραντινα!
Έκανα την αγορά μου πριν τις εκπτώσεις και έδωσα 259€ αντί για 233€ που ειχε στις εκπτώσεις. Εντάξει μην τρελαθούμε, δεν έχασα και την ευκαιρία του αιώνα αλλα τέλος πάντων. Άεσχετα με αυτό, το ποδήλατο είναι τίμιο για τα λεφτά του. είμαι 90 κιλά και κάτι παραπάνω και εδω και τρεις μήνες είμαι πάρα πολύ ευχαριστημένος. 4/5 από έμενα.
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