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For nearly 50 years now table tennis tables and table tennis accessories have been produced by Sponeta in Schlotheim/Thuringia.
Experiences and innovations have Sponeta made to a technology-centre for table tennis tables.
Know-how and high standards of quality guarantee table tennis tables which are adequate in price and performance.
Table tennis tables "made by Sponeta" are used in leisure time, in schools and at national as well as at international competitions all over the world - at present in more than 80 countries. Since 1991

Sponeta has also been a manufacturer of an extensive programme of furniture for schools and institutions ranging from the equipment for classrooms to the complete equipment of school-centres as well as other properties.Sponeta-furniture are developed and produced on our own premises in accordance with legal regulations, standards and norms as well as in accordance with the latest ergonomic knowledge.

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