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Squat Rack (Outlet only in store)

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Up to 36 Instalments
Up to 36 Instalments
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The purchase of Outlet products is made exclusively by the stores to which they refer, and it is a condition that the buyer examines them himself before purchasing them.

* This fitness machine is offered at a premium price because it is store exhibition sample. Its function is excellent. You can see and test it exclusively in stores Patra - Favierou.

Important: Buying Outlet products made exclusively from stores to which they refer, and it is required the buyers to examine himself before their purchase.

To perform heavy exercises (squats, deadlifts and shoulder exercises) safely, using the safety bars helping to prevent injuries.



Length: 135 cm
Width: 130 cm
Height: 230 cm
Total weight: 100 kg

Adjustable height of hooks and fuses 17 positions. Fuses made of 30 mm thick steel pipes

Frame specifications: 60 * 120 mm T 3.0 oval tube, the main parts are supported by 12 mm thick steel plates, durable and safe.

Built-in single balance

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