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The Target

Special dietary Supplements for Athletes

Before you take the first step that will lead you to your goal, you have to ask yourself:

-Are you exactly the same with those around you?

-Do you have the same needs? -The same requirements? -The same possibilities?

The main rule of X-TREME STORES is that every athlete, every man is different. Nobody looks like anybody. Based on this rule, we do not want to prepare an automatic program that you simply record your personal data, and it will give you a diet and training plan.

This is what they all do and it is the only easy way.

In X-TREME STORES we feel like your co-athlete and so we want     
Choosing a supplement with your physical presence in an X-TREME STORES will be easier and, most importantly, more secure when you analyze as much as you want those factors of the equation. No workout, diet or rest is the same from person to person. Then there are the correct dosages. Supplementary companies can not do otherwise and refer to the packages at average dosages. Same dose for men or women, same dosage in the same age, same dosage in body weight, same dosage at the athlete level, etc. And it's time to ask yourself: do you belong or want to be part of the impersonal average? Your own, unique, lifestyle and diet has nothing to do with it? Does work, everyday obligations, hours and resources available do not play a part in your decision?

Your goal to be better than yesterday.
My goal is to give you POWER.
THE POWER you hide within yourself. The POWER you choose to show it in the workout. When no one can and should not see it, you know it is HERE.
All you have to do is make the first step.
Open the door and get into an X-TREME STORES.

We are confident that they play the most important role. That's why we want your help. Draw together your personal prescription with your own dosages on the products we will choose together for your goal, and at the specific times based on your daily schedule. That's why we strive to come closer to you either with our stores or with Live Support on our site, with our phone lines as well as with our Facebook pages.

The decision is yours alone. But if you help us your goal as big as it is, it will soon become a reality. It is a commitment. Amongst the athletes

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