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X-Treme Supafit Muscle+ 20 amps (Inkospor)

Supafit Muscle+ 20 amps (Inkospor)
Packing 20 amps
Servings x20
Rating 4

  • Instant recovery and muscle growth
  • Increases strength and muscle power
  • Rapid absorption by muscles
  • All amino acid complex
  • 100% hydrolyzed whey protein
Availability E-Shop

If you want the absolute amino supplement, then you must try Supafit Muscle.
With 9100mg of enzyme broken amino from hydrolyzed whey per ampoule, offers the best even for a professional athelete.
The free form amino combo with di and tri-peptides makes it the most absorptable product in the global market. Plus the B6 vitamin that helps the delivery of the aminos straight through the muscles.

1 amp after workout with some carbs

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