Taurine 120caps (Nutrend)

  • 100% Taurine product
  • Rapid energy & Recovery
  • Supports faster creatine absorption

Taurine is nerves function stimulant and “accelerator” of nerves air transfer (for example air transfer to muscle fibre – acceleration of reaction).

Characteristics of the effective substance:
Effective substance in product Taurine is the inessential amino acid taurine. Taurine functions as the stimulator of brain function, improves movement coordination, concentration, psychical resistance and stress toleration. It keeps away fatigue, takes away the feeling of exhaustion and improves concentration. Interesting characteristic of taurine is its ability to transfer glucose to the cell (similar as insulin) which can be used to fasten regeneration. For example during the strength power training – supplementation before the training increases the number of taurine in blood and during breaks between the individual series it allows transfer of saccharide to muscle cells – which in the next series means higher performance with higher number of repetition. It is important to supplement taurine to vegetarians who do not have sufficient intake from food (meat).

Suitable for:
During – increased fatigue, intensive physical activity, when the maximal performance is needed, when the overall stimulation of brain function is needed, during work where the constant concentration is required (professional drivers, mentally difficult work, students…)

TAURINE 100 g 1 capsule 2 capsules
89,3 g 2 000 mg
1 capsule: 1120 mg
Net weight: 134,4 g

Ingredients: taurine, gelatin capsule (gelatin, colouring agent iron oxide)

2 capsules daily. 1 capsule 30h before training and another 1 whenever we need energy.

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