Testo-4HD 120 caps (Stacker2)

  • Natural Testo booster
  • Contains Tribulus, Maca, Zinc, B6, D3 etc
  • Muscle strength
  • Faster recovery

This product  is not for those who are not working out or have started working out recently.


Testosterone is one of the most important natural human hormones, which determines to a very high degree of muscle growth in man. The healthy and normal testosterone levels, which are an exact match with the needs and demands of a man who works out hard and intensively, is one of the elements leading to building lean muscle mass, increase strength and reduce body fat . Plus the fact that the normal secretion of testosterone ensures smooth sexual health and activity even at older ages.

Unfortunately factors such as age, the modern lifestyle and the intense and frequent physical exercise reduces testosterone levels, with the first visible signs of the fall of strength and energy, fat accumulation (especially in the abdominal area) and decreased libido.

The TESTO 4HD of Stacker 2 contains a combination of active ingredients may (and will) reverse this situation, leading from the first day until the completion of the cycle (4-6 weeks) while increasing strength and muscularity, accelerate recovery and greater vitality in and out of the gym.

The combination of Tribulus, Maca, ZMA and vitamin D3 while enriching this exceptional formula with herbs that regulate the production of testosterone maintaining estrogen low, make TESTO 4HD complete and essential for every adult and hard exerciser athlete.

Genuine Stacker2 products only at X-TREME STORES

After customer complaints that there have also been unauthentic STACKER2 products sold from unauthorized retailers, products of unknown origin and quality, we would like to make the following statement.

We offer for sale only genuine STACKER2 products which we import from the official distributor. We want the customer to be informed and aware in order to not be taken advantaged from retails that are supposed to sell STACKER2 products in very low prices.

Please read the STACKER2 statement here.

X-TREME STORES sells the genuine STACKER2 products as well as distributing them to certain independent stores. We suggest the customer, before buying a STACKER2 product from any store to contact us and verify that the store is one that we supply and has genuine STACKER2 products in stock.

Take 3 caps in the morning and 3 before bedtime (to achieve maximum results).

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