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Total Detox 500ml (Tested Nutrition)

  • Complete Detox formula
  • With extracts and herbs
  • Support immune system




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What is it?

Tested Detox is a unique formula that supports a complete detox of your body while at the same time helps the reduce of bloating and excess water retention.

What’s inside?

Detox formula is contained by a number of active extracts and herbs such as Milk-Thistle Extract, Dandilion Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and more.

What should I feel?

Our body is a complex machine that during all the processes collects a series of useless and harmful substances from our food, drinks or just hormones. It’s necessary from time to time to detox ourselves in order to  cleanse our interior organs. It’s good for our health and at the same time we support our sport performance, since our meals and supplements will be optimized.

1 tablespoon daily



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