Training Rings (TTA 1006) (X-FIT)

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Οne of the most famous and impressive Olympic games is the Rings. Extra demanding sport but so effective, since and despite its simplicity can train in the most impressive way the body core, biceps, triceps and shoulders.

It demands focus, strength and stamina in order to stand such a workout.
But now the good news, since we can easily train ourselves even in our home with the special Training Rings, that mix the rings with the training belts.

All you have to do is choose a stable point in or out of your home and by setting the rings and the belts you can have an excellent gym club in such a tiny space and such a low cost.

  • Material: ABS + Nylon
  • Diameter: 2.8cm
  • Webbing Length: 4.5m

τίμιοι κρίκοι για τα λεφτά τους και κάνω τα παντα και με extra weight μαλιστα και κρατάνε
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