Vegan Protein Isolate 1000g (NLS)

  • 100% Vegetable Protein
  • Without Lactose
  • Gluten free

NLS Vegan Isolate is a specialized protein from 100% plant sources (pea and rice) and specially designed to meet the needs of athletes and active people. Each dose contains 21g of high-quality plant protein with minimal carbohydrate and fat.

It is designed to absorb muscle velocity due to its isolated filtration and the minimum amount of carbohydrate it contains. The small amount of carbohydrates ensures faster digestion and fewer unwanted symptoms (swelling and stomach problems) than fixed plant foods.

It is an ideal solution for all - from high-level athletes to people who have an active lifestyle - and is suitable for people who either have an intolerance to animal proteins, vegetarians and those who wish for a variety of reasons to pursue a vegetarian lifestyle.

TIP: Protein derived from rice and peas have large amounts of amino acids, their concentration reaching up to 80% more than the corresponding stable forms of the same foods.

1 scoop (30gr) in 150-200ml of water immediately after exercise. Based on a daily need of protein take an additional 1-2 servings a day (in 150-200ml of water or milk) between meals. Mix it properly in a shaker and drink immediately. 

Μετά από 2 χρόνια wheyplus (εξαιρετική πρωτεΐνη) κ αφού δοκιμασα κ τη just whey (δεν ξετρελαθηκα κιόλας), πλέον ομολογώ ότι η vegan είναι πολύ καλή πρωτεΐνη κ θα την προτιμάω στο μέλλον... Εξαιρετικά ευκολοχωνευτη, ωραία γεύση, ευκολοδιαλυτη κ φυσικά vegan... Παράκληση, βγάλτε τη σε μεγαλύτερη συσκευασία βρε παιδιά!!!!...
Πολύ καλή πρωτεΐνη. Η καλύτερη για περίοδο νηστείας και όχι μόνο.
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