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Vibrogym Professional (Outlet only in store)

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Up to 36 Instalments
Up to 36 Instalments
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The purchase of Outlet products is made exclusively by the stores to which they refer, and it is a condition that the buyer examines them himself before purchasing them.

* This fitness machine is offered at a premium price because it is store exhibition sample. Its function is excellent. You can see and test it exclusively in stores  Athens and P. Faliro.
Important: Buying Outlet products made exclusively from stores to which they refer, and it is required the buyers to examine himself before their purchase.

Ideal for professional use!

The VibroGym plate offers fast and impressive results. It is the only type of exercise that from the very first minute all the muscles really work. All these with the minimum time with no stress or pressure.
No need to be experienced athlete with the proper hertz you can work effectively all the body muscles.
The motto “the more the best” is not real in the VibroGym. You will feel healthier, more muscular than never before. The great value of Vibro Training is that offers high quality exercise in the minimum time, while it has special massage and rehab programs.
•    Body toning in the minimum time
•    Fat burning  by increase of the metabolic rate
•    Health and wellness
•    Collagen renewal
•    Max weight capacity: 150kgr
•    Dimensions (LXWXH): 80X80X140cm
•    Vibration frequencies: 30/35/40/50 HZ
•    Weight: 90kgr
•    Colour: Metallic grey
•    Power: 115/230 A/350W
•    Certification: CE, CDS Aus
•    Frame: Stainless steel


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