Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar /Dip Station

Up to 3 Instalments
Up to 3 Instalments
  • Multifunctional wall station
  • For pull ups, leg raises, dips
  • Exceptional safety and comfort

The X-FIT  Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar & Dip Station is a one-stop-shop for home fitness.  Featuring a Pull Up Bar, Dip Station, Leg Raise Station and Eyelet for hanging equipment, this heavy-duty exerciser is a gym in itself.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Focus on pure strengthening with the 3-way pull up grip station (wide, narrow and hammer); leg raise chair and dip station with this pull-up and dip bar. Featuring two eyelets for rounding out your workouts with a punching bag, resistance bands or suspension straps. This all-in-one fitness station offers a variety of exercise possibilities that fit with any training plan.

SWITCH UP YOUR WORKOUT – One piece of equipment, two ways!  The wall supports allow you to easily transform the pull up bar into a dip station in seconds. Switch things up mid workout – this piece of equipment changes from captains chair to pull up station with minimal time and effort.
COMFORTABLE – High-density cushioned padding surrounds the back and arms of this workout station for maximum comfort during exercise. Push yourself to the limit without placing additional strain on joints.

Note: The hooks are inserted in pairs depending on the height you want for the double balance and respectively for the single balance.

* Suggested distance between hooks: 34 cm

Length: 93 cm
Width: 72 cm
Height:  48 cm

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