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Waxymaize 1500g (Warriorlab)

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  • Carbohydrate Complex from Corn
  • Ideal Form For Endurance Athletes
  • No Sugar Add

Waxymaize 1.5kg (Warriorlab) Waxy Maize is a complex carbohydrate with a very high glycemic index derived exclusively from corn starch.

The specificity of Waxy Maize is the ability to quickly absorbed by the muscular system, it is easily penetrates the digestive system and more readily converted to glycogen. Therefore accelerate the recharge of the lost muscle glycogen, leading thus to an increased and more complete recovery and muscle development.

Due to a prolonged stay Waxy Maize in the body is the ideal form of carbohydrate for endurance athletes (marathon, Cycling long road, etc.), who because of the nature of the sport are in need of constant energy levels for an extended period. Waxy Maize offers the most stable and slower power supply of all other carbohydrates.
It is also an ideal type of carbohydrate for those who follow a special diet for weight loss, it increases satiety, thereby reducing feeling of hunger.

An intensive trainee athlete will benefit in many ways from Waxy Maize of WARRIORLAB he will keep up their energy reserves, protects a long time the muscular tissue, and the eve of carbohydrate in the body will have increased nutrient absorption for several h.
The ideal ratio before training is 40g in 600 ml of water, keeping the action for 2 hours.



Mix 1 scoop (50g) before or after training with your favorite beverage. 

Άμεση παροχή ενέργειας που προσδίδει έντονο αναβολισμό και αισθητή αποκατάσταση στους μύες. Ιδανικό γιά τρέξιμο, ποδήλατο και κολύμπι.
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