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Whey 1870 g (BSN)
Packing 1870g
Servings x55
Rating 3

  • Pure whey protein
  • Muscularity & Recovery
  • Enriched with aminos and glutamine
  • Rapid absorption
Availability E-Shop

WHEY  is a versatile protein powder that consists of 100% whey protein sources and provides 24 grams of muscle-building protein per scoop. Whey protein is a complete protein source providing all of the Essential Amino Acids to support muscle recovery and repair from intense training. Not only will Whey DNA™ help supplement the daily amount of protein required by your body, it will help you reap the benefits from every workout. Plus, with only 120-130 calories per serving, you can feel good about mixing a shake anytime you need.

1 scoop 2-3 times daily

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