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Whey Gourmet 2200g (NLS)
Packing 2200g
Servings x73
Rating 5

  • Delicious protein milk shake
  • 114 satisfying calories
  • Low in fat, only 2 grams per serving
  • Low in carbs, only 1.6 grams per serving
  • Full serving of protein, 22 grams per serving



Availability Available

Whey Gourmet is so incredibly delicious, you'll have no problem sticking to your nutrition plan and reaching your goals. You work hard and deserve a hard working protein shake that actually tastes good! It's the gourmet flavour you crave, the formula you've been waiting for and the nutrition your body requires. Whey Gourmet is a shake you'll actually be excited to drink, plus you'll be invigorated each time by the boost of quality protein needed for muscle repair and recovery. High in calcium, rich in essential amino acids and low in fat and carbohydrates, Whey Gourmet works hard to build lean muscle mass and power your active lifestyle. Not just for athletes, Whey Gourmet is an excellent source of quality protein for the whole family. Now you can easily boost your protein intake knowing you're only getting the best ingredients and nothing artificial.

When you enjoy a Whey Gourmet shake you'll feel like you're indulging in a smooth, creamy dessert but this is a treat you can enjoy without the guilt. Plus at 21 g of protein per serving you won't feel hungry or deprived, but rather energized and ready to tackle your day. Whey Gourmet can power you through an early morning meeting, a busy afternoon with the kids or that evening gym session.
Highly versatile, Whey Gourmet can also be added to fruit smoothies to help you stay fuller longer, allowing you to focus on having a productive day. It can also be used to boost your favourite recipes with a hit of high-quality, lean protein.

Breakfast: 1 scoop (30gr) in 150-200ml of water or milk.

Before training: 1 scoop (30gr) in 150-200ml of water at least one and a half hour before training.

After training: 11/2 scoop (45gr) in 200-250ml of water right after training.

Mix it properly in a shaker and drink immediately.


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