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100% Whey Protein Professional 920g (Scitec Nutrition)

  • Pure Whey Protein
  • Enriched with amino acids and glutamine
  • A great variety of flavors

100% Whey Protein Professional is an excellent quality ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate. Whey protein is considered the king of all bodybuilding proteins as it has the highest biological value (BV). Whey protein has great amino acid profile and higher BCAA (isoleucine, leucine, valine) concentration than any other protein source.

The amino acid profile of this protein is excellent. It contains almost an aboundance of so called anabolic amino acids(BCAA’s, arginine, glutamine).

100% Whey Protein Professional contains approximatley 10% intact immunoglobulin protein microfraction that helps to support the body’s immune system. Whey protein also has the ability to enhance endogenous glutathione production.
Glutathione is the most powerful naturally occurring anti-oxidant in the body. 100% Whey Protein Professional also contains quadrapeptides which have been shown to have a pain-killing effect, thus your soreness after an intense workout can be decreased. 100% Whey Protein Professional also has a low percentage of lactose, and is fortified with an “Anabolic Amino Matrix”: leucine, glutamine and taurine, the most important protein synthesis stimulating and muscle cell volume boosting amino acids in human muscle tissue!

Aspartame free formula!

1 scoop 2-3 times daily depending on your nutritional needs.

Καλη ειναι παιδια αλλα η γευση φραουλα λογο πουτ δεν μου αρεσει γενικα η φραουλα δεν λεει
Η πρωτεινη με γευση σοκολατα - φυστικοβουτυρο τα σπαει!!!! Εχει τελεια και πανω απο ολα γεματη γευση ακομα και στο ροφημα με σκετο νερο!!!!
Γευστικη εξαρτηση μετα την προπονηση που θελουμε την απολαυσουμε ... αρωματα σοκολατα φουντουκι με την γλουταμινη να τα σπαει πρηξιματα δυναμη ενεργεια αφομοιωση !!!
πραγματικα εμεινα πολυ ικανοποιημενος
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