Wrist Protector 45cm (X-FIT)


Working out and lifting weights can be painful enough so there’s no need to subject yourself to unnecessary torture. Wrist wraps can minimize pain, help avoid injuries.
Why Use Wraps?
First, wraps provide support to the wrist, and improve joint positioning by preventing hyperextension. Second, they allow for a more comfortable wrist position during heavy exercises. In a nutshell, wraps allow you to increase performance, and decrease wear on the wrist joint, which is already a more vulnerable joint because of its size.

Length: 45cm
Width: 8cm


Πολυ καλυτερα απο την προηγουμενη σειρα και πολυ οικονομικα.
πολύ καλή ποιότητα για δυνατές προπονήσεις!!!
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