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Rowing Machine X-FIT Passion

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  • Robust Construction Rowing Machine
  • Powerful magnetic and air resistance
  • Powerful double-coated bearings
  • Belt drive with 8 resistance levels
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The modern way to strengthen the whole body, improving endurance and weight loss. Training in the new rowing X-FIT Passion is an experience that no serious athlete should not overtake.

The robust construction, simple but full menu in the display, the smoothness in movement and folding for maximum space savings are features that will make the home unique workout fun and effective.

The angle and height of the display is adjusted easily and in a wide range with a safe and easy mechanism. For added convenience there are specific air outlet openings. The handle of the hand can be placed in two positions. Particularly smooth rowing motion on an aluminum base with castors. Easy locking of the frame for better movement and safer folding and storage space.


Once, for a Lifetime.


  • Open: L: 250cm x W: 38,5cm x H: 99cm
  • Closed: L: 129cm x W: 38,5cm.x H: 175cm

Maximum user weight: 125 kg.
Machine weight: 37kg


  • Magnetic Resistance
  • Aluminium frame smooth motion
  • Large handles Folds easily to save space
  • Large, non-slip foot grips
  • Adjustable feet 7 positions handles
  • Easy locking of the frame for a more stable and safer movement folding and storage


  • Professional LCD console large surface and 8 display windows.
  • Dark blue screen light
  • Indications: scan, reps, total reps, reps per minute, time, time / 500m, distance, calories and pace.

Drive / resistance

  • Powerful magnetic and air resistance
  • Powerful double-coated bearings
  • Belt drive with 8 resistance levels


  • Special transport wheels, large and comfortable seat
  • Steel drive rail for durability and stability
  • Wheels motion bearings.

Manual (06-066-043A.pdf, 3,332 Kb) [Download]

Έκανα πολυ μεγαλη ερευνα για να βρω μια κωπηλατικη για το σπιτι γιατι το ποδηλατο μου τη σπαει και ο διαδρομος ειναι βαρετος. πηρα τηλεφωνο και το παλλικαρι μου εξηγισε πως με αυτη τη κωπηλατικη δεν κανει απλα κουπι αλλα μπορεις να κανει ασκησεις για ολο το σωμα αποσπασματικα.
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