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ZMA 120 caps (Warriolab)

ZMA 120 caps (Warriolab)
  • Increases Free Testosterone
  • Regulates GH levels
  • Supports Recovery
  • Maximizes muscular development
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ZMA is a combination of zinc (ZINC), magnesium (MAGNESIUM) and important vitamin B6. Surveys conducted in recent years have shown that the combination of these three ingredients in specific proportions and quantities and taking them before bedtime, helps in the release of specific hormones (testosterone and growth hormone), which contributes to muscle growth, recuperation and reduce body fat.

What an experienced athlete understands by taking ZMA is a more qualitative, deep and restful sleep. During sleep, it is known that all human hormones are released, allowing it to rest, while starting the regeneration of all cells. Without a good and restful sleep no muscle development is possible not to take all the other physical and psychological effects (depression, injuries, etc.).

WARRIORLAB’s ZMA  contains the exact quantity of these three components to the correct and recommended dosage (3 capsules just before bedtime) and is an ideal solution for athletes who exercise intensively have an increased recovery needs.

3 capsules right before sleep on an empty stomach.

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